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Expat who work in Lebanon: Mostly housemaids from Ethiopia and Philippines locked in their room trying to find a window for freedom, someone who they can communicate with without treating them like slaves or a different way to make some extra money during their weekend if they are allowed to leave the house. Usually the profile will be around 3 to 4 sexy pictures showing some targeted location in their body and in the body text will be: WHATSAPP ME 03123456

Expat in Lebanon for Vacation: There are a few of these profiles, but make sure to swipe left, as most of them are on Tinder to find a free transportation or a touristic guide who can take them around and at the end of the day she will end up like: “ Ohh I’m so tired and sleepy”, so you will be try to be nice this time and  take her to the hotel hoping to see her again but you will never hear from her since she already booked a different tour guide with a different victim.


Lebanese Selfie Girls:  There are different types of girls who belong to different backgrounds but I felt like they all deserve to be grouped under one group for having such interesting selfies as a main picture on Tinder, the magnet picture if you are trying to market yourself and try to meet some new friends or special one or one night stand or whatever you name it.
Let’s start with:

  • Narguileh Pipe Selfie, definitely first date will be at Lebanese Cafe that serve Narguile and she will directly order a special one that comes with a BOUMALI fruit on the top that she always dreamed about to have once she Match with her Narguile selfie man on Tinder.


  • Selfie with her Dog, I mean why would you have your main picture French kissing your dog, who would swipe right after that!


  • Selfie with Her Male BBF, I never understand those BFF male kind of pictures where he’s all over her hugging her, kissing her, I mean I would love to be BFF with everyone if that’s how it works.


  • Selfie with Fiancé or Husband, Sweetie Tinder was made for single people, for a quick hook up, for new friends. I believe you are at the wrong place unless you are planning to cheat on him.


  • Selfie with 4 different beautiful girls, alright that’s nice she has lots of cute friends but hold on most of her picture with the same 4 girls I mean how the hell would I figure out which one is you?


  • Selfie at the Gym, well honey make sure to be aware of who and what’s going on around behind you, make sure to take it at the beginning we don’t need to check your sweat circles under your arms

gym selfie

  • Bikini Selfie, during summer you will have plenty of bikini selfie taking from her right angle showing some cleavage and hips & maybe more I mean why the hell would you post such pictures on a dating app and you’ll be offended with the comments or the type of communication that you might have with your matches!


Too Many Mutual friends: Make sure to swipe Left, girls will never swipe right when they have mutual friends, you can always check her out on Facebook on the main search bar or through your mutual friend profile and if she’s worth it why not give it a shot.

The Freak:  You both match and you take the initiative to open the conversation of course since she will never start a conversation, her dignity and pride won’t let her. It’s a Lebanese thingy if you ever tinder in Beirut you should say hi first or else she will never ever say hi unless she’s ugly as fuck and so desperate. Fine, will start the conversation but she will never reply back she keeps on reading and never reply back to you, I mean why the hell you swiped right if you are not interested to open a conversation, or why don’t you swipe left if you swiped right by mistake, you will never understand this type of psycho you better swipe left and not waste your time with that freak.

Religious Quote Girl : Why would you have a religious quote in Arabic as profile picture I mean WTF, religious quote on a dating app is such a turn off, make sure to swipe left and Report her, girl you are at the wrong app make sure to download ISIS app you might find your match over there.


Lebanese girls in Dubai: She’s stuck in Dubai and trying to find her match back in Lebanon hoping to find that bridge and cross it back ,you will be surprised but those type might be the one, you never know at least she know what she’s looking for.

Not looking for anything: Why would you download the app if you are not looking for anything, I do understand those who mention we are not looking for a hook-up or only looking for friendships, but I never got  the logic behind those who are tindering and not looking for anything WOW get out of this app!

Not looking for hook –up: She will post on her profile that she is not looking for a hook up, but when you actually meet , she’s looking for exactly that and she’s totally open and a fun person and she doesn’t mind anything I mean why do you need to play it that hard and promote yourself the hard to get  and you end up in bed after couple of drinks. But sometimes these girls actually mean it and are looking for the man of their dreams—on Tinder.

The one: To end it with a positive type, you never know you might meet the perfect woman which is rarely but you might be lucky enough to find the woman of your dreams through Tinder and she’s everything you’ve ever dreamed off the smart, cool, attractive  and fun.